Winged Words Editorial Services


If you need help with proofreading, editing, writing, rewriting, or ghostwriting, you’ve come to the right place.

Winged Words can help you fix your punctuation, improve your manuscript or book proposal, or get your editorial project back on track. I can help you find the right words to sell your product, educate the public, tell your story, or simply express yourself.

My extensive experience working with clients in many different industries and professions on a wide variety of projects--from corporate proposals, reports, and marketing materials, to fiction and nonfiction books, to magazines and websites--has prepared me to help you find the right words no matter what your editorial challenge is, or the nature of the message you are seeking to convey.

I am adept at making highly technical or abstract writing more accessible to a lay audience, and have written texts aimed at young children. Sometimes I write whole chapters or articles for my clients; sometimes I just provide a key sentence or two. 

Whether you are looking to trim, expand, or clarify your message--or perhaps you just need help getting started--and whether you are struggling with the text for a paragraph, a cover letter, a family history, a novel, or an encyclopedia, I can help you get your message across, untangle your tangled thoughts, or make your “dull prose sing a little.”*

*A satisfied client.